published and hospitalized

One of my blog posts was published on The Mighty. That’s exciting for me. I’m also going acute inpatient for suicidal urges and self harming. I am going in today.  I’ll be back soon.  I’m sure I’ll do some writing while I’m there, so maybe I’ll return with a masterpiece lol!   Advertisements


I rise out of the chasm.  My feet are firm, securely lodged on solid terrain. I am recuperating, but I remain unsteady.  The wind caresses my hair, teasing and testing my verve.  With a solitary squall, I collapse.  The force is cataclysmic. All radiance wavers into obscurity again. I plummet at Gravity’s command.  It’s heavy […]

if you love me, don’t let go

I can’t tell you how fucked up I am.  I can’t tell you how I cope alone. I can’t tell you that I need your help.  I can’t stand the thought of disappointing you. You know my addiction, but I can’t tell you that I relapse. I can’t let you see who I really am. […]


This shroud of unwrinkled sheets conveys critical calamity. A desolate bed is telling.  I’m sorry I have become unbearable.  I am distant, detached, and dissociating.  My internal agony annihilates again.  I was vulnerable and he was vindicated.  He left me souvenirs of sorrow and suffering.  They emerge, engulfing my fortitude. I take flight to alleviate […]

crimson liberation

The urge is potent.   It is more than an urge; it is a hunger. It is a voracious hunger to end the great famine. It is a craving to feel the icy blade skate across the skin.  It is a desire to feel the sting as it penetrates the largest organ of the human […]

oceanic magnificence

Envision the ocean. Above this oceanic magnificence is a soaring, glorious, stunning wave; gliding gracefully over the surface of the sea.  In a decisive haste beneath the wave, all life swims frenetically in the direction contrary to the wave’s course. The wave is blithe and liberated. The wave is in command of its path. There […]