oh, chris young.

Have you ever heard a song that took the breath out of your chest?  This one has that effect on me: Music is pretty fucking powerful. Songs are stories and often the story is the listener’s own truth.  There aren’t many elements in the universe that can provoke an emotional response from me quite like […]

if you love me, don’t let go

I can’t tell you how fucked up I am.  I can’t tell you how I cope alone. I can’t tell you that I need your help.  I can’t stand the thought of disappointing you. You know my addiction, but I can’t tell you that I relapse. I can’t let you see who I really am. […]


You pulse through my veins. Icy, as you trek the lines your fingers once graced. Left behind is the chill of the memory of your touch. Aching is the hollow amid my breasts; aching for you. Left behind is the heart you shattered. You fucking broke every inch of my being. You walked away, never […]