My stepdad, Kenneth Shank, existed and I loved him. He committed suicide on August 16, 2006. Every concrete memory I had of him was lost in my divorce. They were in a special box that belonged to my ex husband where we kept things like that safe. I haven’t seen them in years. All I […]


I was released from the hospital yesterday.  I learned so much about my condition while I was in there.  I learned what I need to do to get better and how to do it.  A lot of self love is involved.  That’s what’s missing in my life.  I don’t have much to write tonight. I’m […]

plath and paxil

I’ve read it more times than I can count.  Each time I open the front cover, I can’t turn away from the pages.  This time was no different.  I didn’t stop reading until the book ended.  Esther Greenwood’s​transformation from wallflower to woman with no fucks to give always makes me feel better about myself​.   […]


That’s the view of Lake Ouachita from my campsite. I took an impromptu trip back home for Mother’s Day camping. I love it out here. The kids are gathering wood while I get the fire going.  I did the same with my dad out here many times when I was a child.  Truth is, they’re […]