horror isn’t always fiction

Growing up, I have always been told a story about how my mom abducted me and my big brother. She took off to Texas with another man and took us with them. The police couldn’t find us and no one knew if we were safe for a few days. My mom called my dad to tell him we were in Dallas, but she might have to take me to the hospital because I was sick. She later changed her mind. I was in and out of the hospital my first two years of life due to severe dairy allergies, so a hospital trip was common. My uncle and Grandma went to Texas to get us. We had been badly abused.

This story comes from my dad’s side. It sounded too much like a movie plot to be true. I’ve always been bothered by this, but no one will talk about it. It’s too painful for my dad and my mom just refuses to give me any answers about anything.

Tonight, I found the truth. I found court records, while looking for my parents divorce decree.

Read through these pages. You will see the answers she has refused me all these years.

Here is the story of the parental abduction of me and my brother:


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