That’s the view of Lake Ouachita from my campsite. I took an impromptu trip back home for Mother’s Day camping. I love it out here. The kids are gathering wood while I get the fire going.  I did the same with my dad out here many times when I was a child.  Truth is, they’re […]

dear prince charming

My kids are my entire life. Without them, Mother’s Day would be the holiday to drown myself in booze, have a breakdown, and end up in jail for public intox.  You try to have me committed on Mother’s Day weekend?!!  I swear on every fucking star in our galaxy that if I’m separated from my […]

oh, chris young.

Have you ever heard a song that took the breath out of your chest?  This one has that effect on me: Music is pretty fucking powerful. Songs are stories and often the story is the listener’s own truth.  There aren’t many elements in the universe that can provoke an emotional response from me quite like […]


The wreckage of her soul is poetic.  Her verses cascade from her eyes in iambic pentameter. Her survival is a fiery resilience, that engulfs her parchment; each page set aflame  and extinguished in her storm. There is beauty in how she rises from her ruins, in the midst of her own destruction.

i am responsible for my own haunting

On days like this, I am the house and the ghost, responsible for my own haunting. My brain is a revolver with, “Am I good enough?” in every chamber. So I turn into a factory that only makes the word “yes” and I say it until I can easily Mistake it for the truth, but […]


I rise out of the chasm.  My feet are firm, securely lodged on solid terrain. I am recuperating, but I remain unsteady.  The wind caresses my hair, teasing and testing my verve.  With a solitary squall, I collapse.  The force is cataclysmic. All radiance wavers into obscurity again. I plummet at Gravity’s command.  It’s heavy […]